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Couples Who Wash Dishes Together Have Better Sex

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 Couples Who Wash Dishes Together Have Better Sex

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Details from a very buzzy forthcoming study on gender equality have emerged, and what the released tidbits illuminate is a truth that women who live with male partners will likely be quick to agree with: men who share the chores with their female partners make better lovers.

Set to be released in the journal Socius (put out by the American Sociological Association), the study zeroes in on whether the gender revolution has transformed the way heterosexual couples divide up household chores. To conduct it, researchers culled data from 1965 to 2006 taken from the National Survey of Families and Households as well as the Marital and Relationship Survey. For this investigation, they focused primarily on low to moderate income married couples.

Among this group, they found the highest sexual satisfaction and relationship quality among those who split chores—suggesting egalitarian relationships are not only healthiest, but the most fulfilling.

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