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The Central Dispatch: 4-6-18

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1

Cubs win big over the Brewers in the opener of a four game set in Milwaukee. That moves them back into 3rd in the central right behind those beer makers. Pittsburgh, however, continues to over achieve and remains in first. As I reported yesterday, America tried to land on Seattle’s starting pitcher prior to the start of their game with the Twins. Turns out, James Paxton is Canadian! Blech! Twins win and stay in first in the AL Central.

NL Central

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates            5-1
  2. Milwaukee Brewers         4-3
  3. Chicago Cubs                    3-3
  4. Louis Cardinals                3-4
  5. Cincinnati Reds                1-4


AL Central

  1. Minnesota Twins             4-2
  2. Chicago White Sox          3-3
  3. Detroit Tigers                   2-3
  4. Cleveland Indians           2-4
  5. Kansas City Royals          1-3

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