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Two Kids Disguised as a Tall Man in a Trench Coat Try to Buy Beer

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1


Two kids disguised as a tall man in a trench coat attempted to get a customer at a convenience store to buy them beer, according to a post in a Nextdoor site for Pacifica and Daly City neighborhoods.

Marcus Ronaldi wrote he saw the boyish-looking fellow Thursday in the Loop Neighborhood Market near I-280 and Hickey Boulevard in Daly City. He said it was easy to tell that one of the youths was perched upon the other’s shoulders.

When he left the store, Ronaldi said was followed out by the man, who asked Ronaldi to buy him beer. And why couldn’t he buy it himself? Because he had left his ID at the “detective agency” where he worked, the man explained.


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