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Thousands of Women Went on a Sex Toy Treasure Hunt

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Thousands of Women Went on a Sex Toy Treasure Hunt

PHOTO SOURCE: Reuters/The Mirror

Source: Mirror 

The even was designed to promote the liberation of women.

Proceeds of the event were donated to good causes.

Thousands of women gathered in the village of Wépion in Belgium yesterday to hunt for sex toys. Yes, really. In fact, there were around 4,000 participants. Organizers of the event say roughly 800 x-rated items were buried in the field and participants were given spades to dig them up.

But the event wasn’t just for women. About 200 men were also allowed to participate, but of course there’s a catch. They had to wear themed outfits, which saw some men wearing condom costumes and sexy nurse costumes. The event, which celebrates the liberation of women, is in its eighth year.

And while it’s in good fun, the event isn’t without controversy either. Nicolas Bustin, owner of the Belgian sex toy company Soft Love says he’s received 1,000 email and 400 phone calls from angry Catholics. An ad for the event fought complaints saying, “This incredible event is a celebration of women’s freedom of expression, which, you guessed it, includes their sexual one too. Proceeds from the event were reportedly donated to charitable causes.


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