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Do you use Facebook for news?

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Do you use Facebook for news?

I am a Facebook user, I use Facebook many times throughout the day, when I first wake up I look at it, I spend time on it while I am at work, I look at it when I get home from work and while I am watching tv at night. I am a Facebook junky. I use much of what I read and look at on Facebook to gather opinions from others and use the news feeds for gathering some of the news going on around in my community from why are the cops screaming down Losey Boulevard to where is that smoke coming from to what happened to Joe? I use my Facebook account to keep up to date and to keep informed. Yesterday while perusing Facebook, I came across the story of a manager of a mall store that fed a 16-year-old girl marijuana and booze then sexually assaulted her in the back room of a store. That made me sick, but it also opened up dialog between my kids and I last night. I agree that we spend too much time on Facebook but some of the time we spend on it can be helpful.

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