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Giant. Chocolate. Dude.

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Giant. Chocolate. Dude.

I know I have your attention now.

The expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs starting tonight. A feat in and of itself as this is their first year in existence. A Pittsburgh team (named the Pirates) made the playoffs in their first year of existence but there were only like 6 teams then and it was 1925.* In honor of the Golden Knights, the Bellagio Las Vegas unveiled a five-foot tall, 90 pound likeness of Marc-Andre Fleury, the Las Vegas goalie, in the hotel’s Patisserie.

That was a lot of fancy words to say, “Vegas has a giant chocolate dude and I want to eat him!”

I don’t even like chocolate but LOOK at him…

That is Chocolate. In that picture!


How great is 2018? I can say I want to eat a giant chocolate dude and no one is taking me away in a padded wagon. Yet.



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