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App Picks Your Sex Music Based on Body Rhythms

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App Picks Your Sex Music Based on Body Rhythms



Source: Mirror 

Everyone has a vision of their “prowess” in the bedroom. In your mind, you’re a sexual beast that knows no limits. In reality, you’re a huffing, puffing, sweaty mess in need of a towel, shower, and/or nap. But now, there’s an app that can add to your sexual experience by registering your body movements and putting them to the music it feels is appropriate.

It’s called Bed Beats and it’s available from both the iPhone and Android. For a mere $1.99, this app will put your love-making to music simply by getting turned-on, then turning it on. Lay it on your mattress while you’re getting down to business and the app will sync the music to the motion of your ocean. You could find yourself getting it on to some smooth jazz, roots rock, dance, funk, or some other kind of boogie-down concoction. We just hope you don’t end up with the “Benny Hill” theme song.

Reviews of the app run the gamut:

“There’s nothing worse than fooling around and getting pulled out because the tempo changes or the lyrics are distracting.”

“Sex is better with Bed Beats, my girlfriend and I get lost in the moment, in each other.”

“The music adds to the sex, it doesn’t distract.”


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