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Tax Day Today.

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Tax Day Today.

Death and taxes the two guarantees in life. Today is the day for one of those, taxes, you have until midnight tonight to send in your taxes. Since 1955 tax day has been on April 15th, with a few exceptions, if the 15th falls on the weekend or if patriot day or emancipation day falls on the 15th or the Monday after a weekend where the 15th fell. What started out as a simple thing, turned into a complicated pile of mess. I am glad I have an awesome tax accountant and would suggest that everyone get someone that they trust to look at personal and business taxes. If you cannot get your taxes done by today you should submit IRS Form 4868 so that you can get an automatic six-month filing extension, you can find that form and others at As for the scammers and cheaters that are out there, shame on you there are lots of people depending on your money. Happy Tax Day here’s for many happy returns. Get it?

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