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The Central Dispatch: 4-18-18

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
The Central Dispatch: 4-18-18

NL Central

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates      11-6
  2. St. Louis Cardinals    10-7
  3. Milwaukee Brewers    9-9
  4. Chicago Cubs               7-8
  5. Cincinnati Reds          3-14


AL Central

  1. Cleveland Indians      9-6
  2. Minnesota Twins        7-5
  3. Chicago White Sox     5-9
  4. Detroit Tigers              4-10
  5. Kansas City Royals     3-12


The Brewers beat the Reds and the Cubs lost to the Cardinals. Brewers move into 3rd in the NL, Bucs and Red birds remain one/two. IN the AL, the Twins dropped a, mildly, emotional game to Cleveland in Puerto Rico. They fall to second place in that division. Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs was quoted as saying he thinks the season needs to be shorter. Being that we have already cancelled 25+ games this month alone…I don’t disagree, sir. However, maybe you could start winning the games your supposed to first, then we can talk about shortening the season.

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