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The Truth About The Size of Your Little Soldier

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The Truth About The Size of Your Little Soldier


Source: Men’s Health 

When it’s all said and done, it all seems to come back to the size of what a guy’s packing, doesn’t it? Whether he’s trying to make himself sound like the men-of-all-men…or she’s trying to throw out an insult she think’s will slash your masculinity in-half…it always seems to go there.

Once again, this issue’s been addressed – and this time, it’s the British Journal of Urology International doing the dirty work. They looked at over 15,000 guys with 17 different studies so they could rate their ramrods and come up once-and-for-all what the average sausage-size. Brace yourselves – because here’s what they found:

Flaccid, the average length – from the base to the tip – was 3.6-inches in length, and 3.7-inches around. This is assuming the room was a comfortable temperature.

Engorged, the moisture-missile grew to an average size of 5.2-inches long, and 4.6-inches around. Mighty indeed.

95% of all guys fell into the range between 4 and 6.3-inches. That would mean that only 5-out-of-100 would fall into the “bigger” or “smaller” category.

Other fun facts:

Sure, height’s a factor in bigger size, but only on a very small scale.

“Predictors” like finger-size, foot-size, weight, and the like were not consistently reliable predictors of what’s happening down-below.

Regardless of size, there are a multitude of positions that can accentuate your assets sufficiently – assuming you’re nimble enough to pull them off.


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