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The Central Dispatch: 4-23-18

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
The Central Dispatch: 4-23-18

NL Central

  1. St. Louis Cardinals    13-8
  2. Milwaukee Brewers  14-9
  3. Pittsburgh Pirates     12-10
  4. Chicago Cubs             10-9
  5. Cincinnati Reds          3-18

AL Central

  1. Cleveland Indians     11-8
  2. Minnesota Twins       8-8
  3. Detroit Tigers             9-11
  4. Kansas City Royals    5-15
  5. Chicago White Sox    4-14


What a weekend! The Brewers sweep Miami and move into second place behind the cardinals. The cubs waffled through the weekend and stay in 4th behind the pirates. If you’re following at home there was a lot of movement in the NL central this weekend. Over on the American League side, the Twins were swept by the Rays and fall into second place behind Cleveland. Brewers and Cubs are off today, the Twins open up a series against the Evil Empire…I mean the Yankees. Just like the weather, baseball is heating up!

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