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The JUICIEST on Meghan/Harry-Brad/Neri-Tonya and Jennifer

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The Daily Mail claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are renting posh porta potties for their wedding because their reception is being held at a 17th-century home. A source tells Vanity Fair magazine; ”It’s just one of many things that is having to be planned and thought about. The couple will be going for the poshest portaloos money can buy, as they need extra loos for all the guests they have coming to the evening event.”

Naughty Gossip claims Jennifer Aniston recently remodeled a portion of her home. A source tells the website that she put in a spa and health club for her and her friends. “Jennifer has brought in new machines and has manicurists and masseuses on call to pamper the crowd!”

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Brad Pitt and MIT Professor Neri Oxman are quickly falling for one another. A source tells the magazine; “When they met — boom! There was instant chemistry. They clicked immediately over their love of design and architecture and a mutual physical attraction. He told her that her pictures didn’t do her justice, and she was blown away by Brad’s charm, brains, and looks from the very beginning. She’s currently on a lecture tour, and Brad’s been meeting up with her discreetly at various stops. They even have a special coded phrase for hooking up! They say they’re ‘working on the project together.’”

AOL reports Tonya Harding tells Entertainment Tonight that she cried after ABC called and invited her to compete on Dancing With the Stars. “I went back to skating a year ago because… there was just something missing, you know? And obviously I have my son, and nothing is missing from that, but there was just something about me. I wanted to do more. And when I had got that call, like now, I started crying.”

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