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Eat me but don’t touch me…

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Eat me but don't touch me...

Sainsbury, a giant supermarket in England is introducing new touch free packaging for raw meat because it claims young customers are too squeamish about handling raw meat. They decided to go this route after a focus group survey found that 37% of people under 35 get anxious about touching raw meat.

Look, I will eat raw hamburger and thoroughly enjoy the sound of a grill but I get it. Not everyone was raised in the Midwest or has homicidal culinary tendencies. However, we have started a new thing on Classic Rock wherein we give the “Classic Take” whenever the word “millenials” is suggested. So, without further ado, here is Clarence with a Classic Take…

Special packaging so these snowflakes don’t have to touch meat?!? Ehhh… Back in my day we didn’t have ANY packaging for meat. We had to be skillful enough to sneak up ion the animal we wanted to eat and take it from em. Why do you think we eat butt roast? Its the easiest hunk of meat to get! You come up behind em’ and take their butt off and your family eats for a week! Nowa’ days these animals are walking around with their butts in tact like they own the place! It’s indecent! Now, get off my lawn and go steal an animal butt!


SOURCE: The Telegraph

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