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The Central Dispatch: 4-24-18

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
The Central Dispatch: 4-24-18

NL Central                        Record   Games Behind

  1. St. Louis Cardinals        13-8              –
  2. Milwaukee Brewers      14-9               –
  3. Pittsburgh Pirates         12-10           1.5
  4. Chicago Cubs                 10-9              2
  5. Cincinnati Reds             4-18             9.5


AL Central                       Record   Games Behind

  1. Cleveland Indians        12-8             –
  2. Minnesota Twins          8-9            2.5
  3. Detroit Tigers                9-11             3
  4. Chicago White Sox        5-14          6.5
  5. Kansas City Royals        5-15            7


Yesterday was an off day for the Cubs and Brewers…and most of the rest of the NL Central. The Twins drop one to the pieces of trash…I mean the Yankees. So…nothing changed yesterday. Cardinals, Brewers, Pirates, Cubs in the NL, Cleveland, Minnesota, Detroit, Chicago in the AL. Today, the Brewers are in Kansas City, the Cubs are in Cleveland and the Twins continue in New York. This is the part of the season that feels like when you say something flirty to a girl and she says “If you play your cards right…” I’m very excited.

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