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If they can afford it quit giving it to them!

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If they can afford it quit giving it to them!

Pizza Hut announced that they are going to give unlimited pizza for one year to an NFL draft pick in this years NFL draft. Specifically the 14th pick of the third round. The player they are dubbing the “Pi Pick”. Third round? 14th pick? 3.14? Oh, you cheeky monkey’s!

The league has rules on how much money is in a rookie contract so this person will make $465,000 next year if they sign the contract that is offered to them. I don’t know about you but that sounds like pizza money to me. I am thinking that the “Pi Player” could probably afford his own damn pizza. Maybe…just maybe…one of the working class schlubs that budgets to their last penny to buy a shiny t-shirt with the “Pi Players” number and name on it, MIGHT appreciate free pizza a little more than someone who is shopping for pearl caviar spoons.

I’m not a class warrior. I’m not saying that the “Pi Player” (and every other player in the draft for that matter) doesn’t deserve the earth shattering change that is about to fall to them. They have worked hard. They have dedicated their entire life to being one of the best in the world at doing this specific thing. I AM saying that maybe we don’t need to give random free stuff to the people that can clearly afford this free stuff. Are you telling me that someone who enters a contest and correctly names who the 78th overall pick in the NFL draft isn’t probably someone who would appreciate free pizza? There isn’t an elderly care center in some city (that has an NFL Franchise) that couldn’t use free pizza for a year? THERE ISN’T SOME OTHER PLACE THAT WOULD ACTUALLY BENEFIT FROM FREE PIZZA THAT YOU COULD PARTNER WITH IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE NFL?!?!

Pizza Hut.

It’s also not JUST Pizza Hut. It’s everywhere. “Oh look…a major celebrity is in my place of business. THEY EAT FREE! I don’t care that they can afford it and there are people in here now that have risked paying bills to have ONE night out. That person just signed a 4-billion dollar contract…SHOWER THEM WITH FREE STUFF, minimum wage employee!”

I might just want a free meal. Either way, start being more generous to those that would appreciate it. I guarantee they will spend what little money they do have in the business that makes them feel special.

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