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I’m worried about you, Oreo Cookie…

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I'm worried about you, Oreo Cookie...

After going through hundreds of thousands of submissions of Oreo’s #MyOreoCreationContest, the cookie giant has finally decided on three new flavors: Piña Colada, Cherry Cola and Kettle Corn.

I have, just, a real quick question for Oreo cookies….

Who hurt you, Oreo cookies?

Who told you that being the delicious sandwich cookie we have come to know and love wasn’t good enough? You survived the Hydrox wars. You taught us how to twist and dunk. You convinced us that double the lard based sugar…stuff…is better than the normal amount. But then someone convinced you that you needed to be other flavors.

No, sir! …or madam…

Other things need to be YOU flavored. Pies need YOU to become better…you don’t need to make an apple pie flavored you. Dessert drinks garnish themselves with you to elevate themselves…you do not need to be a pina colada flavored you. Ice cream uses you to become a late night delight…you do not need to be a you flavored you.

I love you, Oreo cookies. I don’t think you have been told that enough. I love you just the way you are. Sure, it was fun bringing other things into our relationship. Who didn’t like when you brought the Peeps in to share that one Easter weekend?  It was fun. It was cute. But it wasn’t you, baby. I miss you. I see you.

So, put down the soda flavors and the popcorn. Come back to me. I bought your favorite grade of milk. I threw away all of my mirrors. I blocked off a weekend for us. Come back to me, Oreo cookies. You’re good enough.

This is how much I swear.


SOURCE: Wide Open Eats

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