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Dogs in places where they shouldn’t be.

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
Dogs in places where they shouldn't be.

Do people like their dogs better than they like their kids?  I was wondering that this weekend as I saw many people with their dogs in tow, and at places where you wouldn’t normally see dogs.  I saw them on the laps of drivers, hanging outside of a few stores in cars while their owners were in the store, I saw them in a bar, I saw them outside a bar, in a store and at a ballpark where it was posted no dogs.  It seems to me that dogs were just about everywhere.  I get that there is a love for your 4 legged friend, but when did it become such commonplace to bring your dog everywhere?  I am sure I am going to take some guff for saying this but leave your dog at home, I don’t think that dogs belong in restaurants or bars or grocery stores.  There are some people who are afraid of dogs and when your dog approaches them or barks or licks them, that isn’t fair to them.  Think about it this way, when someone shows you their child doing something cute or calls their toddler over to do their new trick of the week and how you rolls your eyes and think who really cares, you should keep this to yourself, this is how some feel about your dog.

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