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Renaming the La Crosse Center

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
Renaming the La Crosse Center

Did you know that the Hubert H Humphry Metro dome in Minneapolis had a name?  I didn’t, it was the Mall of America Field, I wonder if that was good money spent?  I grew up in the cities and I always just called it the dome.  The La Crosse Center is looking at selling the naming rights of the soon to be newly remodeled convention hub of La Crosse.  Again, I wonder if that would-be money well spent, I have been in La Crosse for the past 26 years and I for one have always called it the center, or if on the radio talking about it the La Crosse Center.  I would have a hard time rebranding it in my mind to some different name.  The center is a community building that is owned and run by the city of La Crosse so in essence it does have a paid for name by the group that pays its bills, we as tax payers pay for the center by giving our dollars to the city which in turn pay the bills which in turn has the name of La Crosse on it.  What do you think about renaming the La Crosse Center, would it be a Kaminsky Park – US Cellular Field naming deal?

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