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“Hot As Balls” Now Has An “Official” Temperature

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“Hot As Balls” Now Has An “Official” Temperature


Source: Earther

We’ve always heard people use odd phrases to describe a given temperature. Now, someone who must’ve been really bored has put definitive degrees to those names. Computer scientist Jim Webb looked at 5,400 geological-related Tweets using the phrases “hot as ____” and “cold as ____.” Then, he looked at the location of those Tweets on that day to assign a corresponding temperature number. From that info he found:

“Cold As Balls” – 37 degrees

“Cold As A MF” – 33 degrees

“Cold As Hell” – 45 degrees

“Hot As Balls” – 84 degrees

“Hotter Than Hell” – 85 degrees

“Hot As Hades” – 90 degrees


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