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Scouts BSA

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Scouts  BSA

The Boy Scouts of America announce a new name change that goes into effect February 2019, after next February the Boy Scouts program will be known as Scouts BSA, reflecting its new membership.  The flagship Boy Scouts of America organization and the Cub Scouts program will keep on with the current names.  The decision to allow girls to join the program is what has prompted the changes.  All the members will now be referred to as Scouts regardless of gender.  As a class of 1986 Eagle Scout I can see both the good and the bad in this.  The good is that it opens up for growth, and will help to fuel what I believe is a dying group of kids who are in Scouts.  But on the other hand, I could see it as a downfall for kids to not have the chance to grow with the help of other young men.  It was a time when we sat around with other young men talked smack and learned to be men.




photo from NPR website.

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