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The JUICIEST on Sarah, Jennifer/Justin-and Gwyneth

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Naughty Gossip claims Sarah Jessica Parker is allegedly upset with Cynthia Nixon for running for New York Governor rather than doing another Sex and the City movie. A source tells the website; “First Kim says she doesn’t want to be in the film and now Cynthia doesn’t want to do it because she is running for Governor. Sarah is PO’d..She could do the film without one of the ladies, but without two – that is impossible. She is more upset than ever.”

Naughty Gossip claims Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are taking steps to make sure they do not come in contact with one another. A source tells the website; “They have decided to split the world into East Coast and West Coast. Jen will reside in LA and Justin will call his beloved NYC home. The two work a great deal and will obviously travel but they have agreed that it is best that they live on different coasts. When she is in New York she will warn him and when he is in LA he will warn her.

Naughty Gossip claims Gwyneth Paltrow plans to cheat on her diet on her wedding day. A source tells the website; “Gwyneth nuptials to Brad Falchuk will be the one day of the year that she cheats on her diet. While there will be a lot of organic food there will also be cheeseburgers, pizzas, pastas and lots of cheese. Also expect cheesecake and ice cream.”

Radar Online claims Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are in couples therapy because of his infidelity. A source tells the website; “Tristan had no interest in going, but Khloe insisted on it. Her sister Kim advised her that it was a good idea, because their relationship was already going to be a challenge with a new baby around, let alone a cheating scandal hanging over their heads. The sessions have been difficult. Their fights are monumental at the moment. The relationship seems unlikely to survive. Friends think there’s no way Khloe wants to raise her daughter in such a toxic environment.”

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