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‘Glitter Butts’ Is Dubbed the Hottest New Trend for the Summer [SFW PICS]

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'Glitter Butts' Is Dubbed the Hottest New Trend for the Summer [SFW PICS]


SOURCE:  DailyMail

Sequins and glitter have become synonymous with music festival season, and people are getting very creative when it comes to how they are adorning themselves with it. Last year, festival goers started doing away with their crop tops and bikinis, opting to cover their chests in glitter and jewels instead.

What is known as ‘glitter boobs’ or ‘disco t**s has paved the way for this year’s ‘glitter butts,’ a festival look that is far more dramatic than its predecessor. Whether you opt to play it safe and wear a thong or go completely underwear-free, the look involves layering glitter, sequins, and even jeweled embellishments on your derrière until your bottom is completely covered.

Glitter brand Go Get Glitter has an Instagram page filled with images of people artfully covered in sparkles, and it looks like more and more women are ditching their pants in favor of bottoms made out of glitter. The brand has even created their own designs, showcasing the bedazzled butts on social media.

‘We are all about being creative, free and loving the skin you’re in, which is the message we wanted to portray to people when we created this look,’ Sophia Levy, make-up artist and co-founder of Go Get Glitter, told

‘So who knows — maybe jewel underwear will be the next trend?’

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