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Life Advice from The World’s Best Bartenders

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Life Advice from The World's Best Bartenders


Source: Thrillist


To be a truly outstanding bartender, you’ve got to be a master of many talents. Besides making a great drink, you’re also a part-time friend, shrink, referee, wingman, babysitter, and…and…and. One of the roles that’s highly overlooked? Prophet/life coach. With that in mind, some of the finest bartenders the world has to offer have offered-up some life-wisdom for anyone bold enough to accept it. Here it is:

Eileen Wilson (NoMad Bar/NYC) – Don’t be afraid to fail. Do what you love for the sake of trying it and don’t worry so much about the end goal.

Eric Alperin (The Varnish/Los Angeles) – “Sometimes it just takes cheap whisky and weird friends to have a good time.”

Samantha Germani (Walnut Street Café/Philly) – “Fall in love with someone who knows how to make a good daiquiri.”

Justin Lavenue (The Roosevelt Room/Austin) – Get your life goals on paper and follow it relentlessly…and learn when it’s time to ditch those who hold you back.

Ivy Mix (Leyenda/Brooklyn) – “One step after the other.”

Andrew Abrahamson (213 Hospitality/Austin) – “Sleep for 8 hours, work for 8 hours, play for 8 hours.”

May Lay (Novela/San Francisco) – “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” (originally from Martin Luther King, Jr. to be fair)

Vikram Hegde (Little Donkey/Boston) – Skip that last drink if you want to “close the deal” on that hot date. One drink too many will ruin a good thing.

Chris Bostick (Half Step/Austin) – Don’t be a hero. If you need help in a sticky situation, don’t fear asking for it.

Alicia Walton (The Sea Star/San Francisco) – “Travel as far and as often as possible.”

You’ve heard them…now do it!


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