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The JUICIEST on Meghan/Harry-Kate/William-Katy/Orlando

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PressReader reports Megan Markle allegedly questioned Prince Harry about partying with exotic dancers in Las Vegas in 2012. A source tells the magazine; “Meghan asked Harry if there was anything she should know. He insisted he didn’t sleep with anyone and that it was just drunken high jinks. But Meghan totally lost it. He was very upset and worried he’d lost the love of his life, but they said Meghan was just having a ‘wobble,’ which she would get over. They were right, of course. Now it’s full steam ahead to the wedding!”

OK! magazine claims Kate Middleton and Prince William aren’t worried that their newborn’s nursery may be haunted by ghosts. A source tells the magazine; “She and William tend to laugh these stories off, but there are plenty of people who’ve felt strange sensations, like someone breathing down their neck. Kate’s had the rooms redone, but she’s been told it won’t affect these spirits.”

Woman’s Day magazine claims Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are talking about marrying in September. A source tells the Australian magazine; “They’ve been talking about it on and off for months, and they’re finally ready to take the plunge. She wants to have a proper wedding this time. They both want a traditional wedding, and yes, Katy has lined up a white wedding gown.”

Closer magazine claims Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal are allegedly trying to start a relationship together. A source tells the magazine; “Jen admitted how good it felt to have some male attention after months of feeling lonely following her split from Justin Theroux. It’s no secret Jake’s always adored Jen and the feeling is very mutual, but there’s never been a right time. Jake reached out after Jen’s split and said he’d love to meet up when she was next in New York, so Jen took him up on it.”

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