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I promise, Gram, I haven’t been fired. Yet.

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I promise, Gram, I haven't been fired. Yet.

I am going to have the next two days off of work. My wife has to have some surgery on her wrist and I become the care taker. As a husband I am concerned for her safety.

I only tell you that I will be off the air for the next two days because my grandmother gets concerned if I am not on the air for a day. I have had to fill in at other places in our building…I’ve been sick…I’ve taken vacation. Each time I get a call from my grandmother concerned that I have been fired from my job. It’s the cutest thing she’s done in awhile. It’s never a guilt trip thing. It’s never a disappointment thing. She is just checking in and offering me her couch or a hot meal or a shoulder to cry on.

She used to tell me that she just wanted to be alive long enough to see me graduate high school. Then long enough to see me graduate college. Then long enough to see me get married. Now she just wants to live long enough to see me do…something. Anything. Honestly think it would be cool with her if I just took more walks.

To recap, I am not getting fired. Someone should probably check on my wife the next couple of days. I am going to take a walk because I feel like I have disappointed someone…

Be back soon..


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