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Man In Chicken Suit Cited For Wrestling Alligator:

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
Man In Chicken Suit Cited For Wrestling Alligator:



A South Carolina man-notorious for wearing a chicken suit in town, has been cited for wrangling an alligator. Logan Cambron often wears a chicken suit on Hilton Head Island to slow down speeders in the area. However, he was faced with a roadblock when a 10-foot alligator made its way onto the road. Law enforcement originally told Cambron not to go near the alligator-since it is illegal and all to move one. However, Cambron called Critter Management who gave him the okay to handle the gator. That’s when he got on top of the gator, tied cloth around its mouth, and put it in his truck where he relocated it into a nearby pond- unfortunately without the chicken suit. Cambron says he’s had experience with gators before, which made him feel like he could do it. However, the Department of Natural Resources still charged Cambron a $105 fine for illegally relocating the gator.


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