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My Wife is a damn Warrior!

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My Wife is a damn Warrior!

I was out of the office for the last two days. My wife was having surgery. She had what the doctors called a ganglion cyst. They used to call those “Bible Bumps” because people would hit the bumps on your wrist with a bible and they would burst. Shocker, that didn’t always work…nor was it very safe to do. Despite my offering to hit her with whatever book she wanted, in the hospital my wife went.

Surgeries are weird things, man. The only time she has had surgery in our lifetime together did not go so well. She was in a tremendous amount of pain, slept for days and was down for the count, physically, for a long time. IT was scary and isolating and tough on my end…let alone the toll her body and mental health went through. I was worried about this one and how it would all shake out. Worried about her going through all of that again. However, my fears were put directly to bed. Everything was different.  From how long she was in there, to how long she was “out”, to how she reacted to everything. When she got out of surgery this time it appeared as though she had a couple of glasses of wine and was “…in need of a carriage home, good sir!”

This is an actual conversation my wife and I have had.

I took her home and she went to sleep. I had some errands to run and the time I got back she was bright eyed and bushy tailed, yelling “What’s for dinner, mofo!?!”

So, suffice to say, my wife is a warrior. And a ninja. And some sort of demi-goddess of smiles and daisies and all things cute.

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