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Put the peanut butter party down and back away!

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Put the peanut butter party down and back away!

Too many times we as humans ask ourselves if we can do something when we what we need to be asking is if we SHOULD do something. Many…MANY…times the answer is no, no we should not.

The Carte Blanche restaurant in Hamburg, New York has gone too far. We recently heard about the worlds HOTTEST ice cream and we heard about ketchup flavored ice cream (because Ed Sheeran is clearly a sociopath) but Carte Blanche owner Roo Buckley has taken those ideas and punched the idea of dessert right in the face. This maniac went and made these flavors of ice cream…

  • Curried Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter Roasted Garlic
  • Strawberry Parmesan
  • Apricot Halvah
  • Earl Grey Tea and Saffron
  • Strawberry Sambal
  • Blueberri Wasabi
  • Jerusalem Souk (tahini, date honey, saffron, rosewater, pistachio)
  • Yellow Curry Sauerkraut
  • Stuffed Banana Pepper
  • Tripleberry Jerkalicious
  • Fire Cider
  • Beet Banana Horseradish
  • Moldy Brownie
  • Super Spicy Pickle
  • Chipotle Hot Chocolate


I am all for pushing the boundaries of what is comfortable with food…but ice cream is sacred. Ice cream is pure. Ice cream is a sweet sweet treat that makes me move my feet. Ice cream is…ice cream! Beet Banana Horseradish? What did ice cream ever do to you, grown ass man named Roo? Maybe you should make alternate flavor parents. You know, ones that don’t name you after the WORST Winnie the Pooh character.

Just…stop it!

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