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The Central Dispatch: 6-6-18

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
The Central Dispatch: 6-6-18

Literally everyone in the NL Central lost yesterday. All five teams…big. Fat. L’s. So, yet again, nothing changes! Milwaukee is ahead of the Cubs by two games, followed by St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. In the AL…the Twins split a day/night double header with the White Sox. So, NOTHING changes in the AL either. But, hey, the draft wrapped up yesterday. The Beer Makers made some splashes…the Cubs perplexed some people and the Twins were the Twins. Today, the Brewers are in Cleveland, the Cubs are home to the Phillies and the Twins will entertain the White Sox. That is your central dispatch on Classic rock 100.1

NL Central                        Record   Games Behind

  1. Milwaukee Brewers     37-24        –
  2. Chicago Cubs               33-24         2
  3. St. Louis Cardinals      32-26       3.5
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates       30-30       6.5
  5. Cincinnati Reds           21-40         16

AL Central                        Record   Games Behind

  1. Cleveland Indians        31-28          –
  2. Detroit Tigers               29-33        3.5
  3. Minnesota Twins          26-30        4
  4. Kansas City Royals      21-40         11
  5. Chicago White Sox       19-38       11.5

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