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The JUICIEST on Roseanne-Jennifer-Nicole and Meryl

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Radar Online claims Roseanne is livid that ABC is planning a spin-off of her show with everyone except her. A source tells the website; “The network execs feel like the spinoff centered around Sara Gilbert’s character Darlene could do extremely well, and it would be a great way for them to save the jobs of those who were left stranded and jobless by Roseanne’s careless actions. But Roseanne thinks that the spinoff is an absolutely awful ideaa nd she believes that, without her, the show will fail miserably!

Woman’s Day magazine claims Jennifer Lawrence allegedly regrets turning down a role in ”Ocean’s 8.” A source tells the Australian magazine; “Jen is realizing she probably made a mistake in turning this down. There’s so much buzz around the project and the chance to have worked with icons like Cate [Blanchett] and Sandy [Bullock] would’ve been incredible.” claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ready to start a family. Sources tell Us Weekly; “She and Harry want to start a family right away – and she’ll start trying as soon as she can. They have a lot on their plate right now. But they both think that when the moment feels right, that will be the time to go for it. They’ll make fantastic parents.”

The Daily Mirror claims the motorcycle Henry Winkler rode as Fonzie in Happy Days is expected to be auctioned off for $200,000. The Harley Davidson is one of three that were used during the show’s run between 1974 and 1984. The bike’s license plate reads FONZIE

Naughty Gossip claims tension is allegedly building on the set of “Big Little Lies” between Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep. A source tells the website; “Nicole feels she’s the star of the show and is threatened by Meryl …. Meryl’s picked up on it and the two have really gotten into it ….. Their feud is affecting the entire series and tension on the set is at an all time high.”

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