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The Central Dispatch: 6-7-18

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
The Central Dispatch: 6-7-18

Brewers lose a tight one in Cleveland and the Cubs utilize Jason Heyward for a 9th inning walk off grand slam to beat the Phillies. It is getting interesting in the NL Central my friend. The Brewers and Cubs are separated by one game right now. This weekend the Cubs will play Pittsburgh and the Brewers get the Phillies. Then Monday…the Cubs invade Milwaukee. It almost feels like a must win for both teams. I have changed my pants three times just thinking about how exciting next week will be! The twins lost. It’s real ugly in the AL Central. Sally Struthers is doing TV commercials asking you for a cup of coffee a day to help them out. That is your Central Dispatch on Classic Rock 100.1

NL Central                        Record   Games Behind

  1. Milwaukee Brewers     37-25          –
  2. Chicago Cubs                34-24          1
  3. St. Louis Cardinals      32-27        3.5
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates       31-30         5.5
  5. Cincinnati Reds           21-41          16

AL Central                        Record   Games Behind

  1. Cleveland Indians        32-28          –
  2. Detroit Tigers               29-34         4.5
  3. Minnesota Twins          26-32          5
  4. Chicago White Sox       20-39       11.5
  5. Kansas City Royals      21-41           12

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