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The Central Dispatch: 6-15-18

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
The Central Dispatch: 6-15-18

Literally everyone in the NL Central had the day off yesterday, so, nothing to report there.  That is a rarity. As I said yesterday, the Brewers are home to the Phillies this weekend and the Cubs are in St. Louis. With tight races like these you start to feel like every series is important. You have to keep getting, at the very least, two of three every time you take the field. It makes for a stressful season…but a damn fun one too. The Twins lost last night but they open a three game series with Cleveland tonight. A sweep of the Indians and Minnesota is only 3 games out of first! So make like a frat boy on Friday night, Twins fans…optimism isn’t just a 4 syllable word, it’s a way of life! That is your central dispatch on Classic Rock 100.1

NL Central                        Record   Games Behind

  1. Milwaukee Brewers     41-27           –
  2. Chicago Cubs               38-27          1.5
  3. St. Louis Cardinals      36-30          4
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates       33-35           8
  5. Cincinnati Reds           25-43          16

AL Central                        Record   Games Behind

  1. Cleveland Indians        36-31           –
  2. Detroit Tigers               33-37         4.5
  3. Minnesota Twins          29-36          6
  4. Chicago White Sox       24-43         12
  5. Kansas City Royals      22-46        14.5

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