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The JUICIEST on Jennifer-Angie-Michelle and The Kardashians

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New Idea magazine claims Jennifer Aniston is allegedly spending large amounts of money to look younger. A source tells the Australian magazine; “Jen’s been feeling more and more insecure about looking older, and her split from Justin only made her feel worse… She knows she can’t compete with 20- and 30-something women. She’s already consulted with some of the most advanced and progressive anti-ageing specialists in Hollywood,. She has now started having antiageing IV drips and diamond facials, which are setting her back $7000 each time. She’s doing Evian water baths twice a day — which is costing Jen around $70,000 a week. She knows it’s a lot of money, but she doesn’t care because it’s making her feel good and look amazing, which after many months of heartache is worth it to her.”

OK! magazine claims friction may be developing on the set of ”Maleficent 2” between Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer. A source tells the magazine; “Angie made sure her dressing room was bigger than Michelle’s and she had first dibs in the makeup chair. They’re both really stubborn, and on days when they’re not on set together they try to ignore each other. The atmosphere is getting pretty frosty!”

Naughty Gossip claims Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds want a third child. A source tells the site: “They both want more kids. They are deeply in love and are great parents. Don’t expect them to stop at 3. They both value being parents much more than being movie stars.”

Naughty Gossip claims the Kardashians are allegedly going to be seeking a $300 million deal when their current contract expires with E! in 2019. A source tells the website; “At this point the family is doing the show for one reason – money. They have nothing to prove and are not going to get any more famous if they sign another multi-year deal. It is now 100% about cash.

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