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‘Please Spit in’ Customer’s Burger, NYC Restaurant Order Secretly Tells Cook [VIDEO]

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'Please Spit in' Customer's Burger, NYC Restaurant Order Secretly Tells Cook [VIDEO]


“I ate my burger already, I felt like I was gonna throw up,” he told WABC in New York.

He asked his waitress for his receipt, and that is when he noticed that “extra” ingredient written on it.

“I asked her ‘why would you do this?’ And she couldn’t explain it. She said she didn’t do it, so I as like ‘who prints out the receipt?’ So she said ‘I take it up there and print it myself.'” Mays said, “So you did it? Why are you lying about it? She just walked off.”

The Sea Cliff man says he was being treated to a Father’s Day dinner by his daughter and granddaughter at the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden in Astoria when it happened. He says the evening started off pleasant.

“She was very nice – she comes up to the table, ‘hi, how are you doing?'” said Mays.

Mays said the manager fired the waitress immediately, and he got a refund, of course.

“He was saying, ‘how can we compensate you?’ I was like, ‘how can you compensate somebody for spitting on your food? I ate this already,” adds Mays.

The manager told WABC that he had never had a problem with this employee before. Food service, he says, is a stressful job, but it was unacceptable.

The manager added that is very unlikely a cook actually spat in the burger, but he understands why the customer is upset.

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