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The Most Common Drunk-Related Injuries

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 The Most Common Drunk-Related Injuries


Source: Injury Claim Coach

It’s amazing how big your balls get when your highly inebriated. We’re all indestructible “golden Gods” with a case of the ass…and that’s when some nasty injuries can occur.

And when you consider that the average American downs 1.4-drinks a day (or 9.5 per week, or 494 per year), that’s quite a bit of damage that can be done.

Injury Claim Coach looked into the stories of 1,003 people to hear about their tales of drunken woe. From those stories, they were able to detail the most common alcohol-related injuries.

Bruises – 53%

Cuts – 44%

Scratches – 34%

Broken/Fractured Bone – 23%

Sprain – 19%

Concussion – 10%

Black Eye – 7%

Torn Ligament – 5%

Broken/Chipped Tooth – 4%

Torn Muscle – 3%

Other tidbits you might be interested in are that the most common places for these injuries are at a house party (26%) or home (21%). Also, the biggest injury culprit was far-and-away beer (70% for men, 43% for women) and vodka (44% for men, 51% for women). Bottom line? When you drink, drink responsibly…and safely. Ya dummy.


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