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The Central Dispatch: 6-20-18

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
The Central Dispatch: 6-20-18

The Brewers got back at the Pirates last night and the Cubs split a day night double header so…the Brewers are BACK in first place by themselves with a half game lead. Interesting news, the Chicago closer, Brandon Morrow, hurt himself after taking his pants off on Monday night. So, next time you hurt yourself getting out of bed…just think…you too could pitch for the Cubs! The Twins beat the Red Sox last night, but Cleveland also won so, they stay in third place in the AL Central. One step forward…two steps back. Not just a lyric form a Paula Abdul song, it’s also the way baseball in June goes! That is your central dispatch on classic rock 100.1!

NL Central                        Record   Games Behind

  1. Milwaukee Brewers     43-30                –
  2. Chicago Cubs               41-29                .5
  3. St. Louis Cardinals      38-33               4
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates       36-37                7
  5. Cincinnati Reds           27-45             15.5

AL Central                        Record   Games Behind

  1. Cleveland Indians        39-33               –
  2. Detroit Tigers               36-38               4
  3. Minnesota Twins          32-37             5.5
  4. Chicago White Sox       24-48              15
  5. Kansas City Royals      22-51              17.5

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