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6 Hotel Sex Tips That Will Make You Thirsty for Your Next Vacation

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6 Hotel Sex Tips That Will Make You Thirsty for Your Next Vacation


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Hotels are relaxing, fun, and under the right set of circumstances, super sexy. Half the fun of vacation is the chance to get it on in a new place. You know you’re reading this because you’re looking for those good ideas. Vacation sex is some of the best sex.

Enjoy yourself and get ready to get a little bit freaky.

Check out these 6 tips for the hottest vacation sex of your life. You’ll be booking your flights before you’re finished reading. We’re talking five-star thirst. Enjoy!

1. Pick the right hotel

The first step in having hot hotel sex is choosing a hotel that caters to adults. You don’t want to pick a family-centric, kid-focused hotel. You are not going to want to have sex with a bunch of munchkins running up and down the hall at all hours of the day.

Many hotels cater to couples. They offer amenities like chocolate and champagne combos, couples massages, and even lube and condoms in cute adult funpacks. When you’re looking to get lucky for a few days, you want a hotel that is relaxing, upscale, and suited to grownups.

After a day lying by the pool, a massage, and a few glasses of champagne, you’ll be itching to get back upstairs to take each other’s clothes off.

2. Bring your “romantic setting” must-haves

We don’t know about you, but a hotel can feel pretty sterile at times. While the comfy, plush beds and bathrobes are luxe, it helps to add a personal touch to up the comfort. Bring along whatever you consider a romantic must-have. We love organic lavender bedding spray to add a relaxing hint of home to hotel sheets.

You can also bring along goodies like a rose bath bomb for the giant hotel tub or some essential oils for a sexy massage. Anything travel-sized that can make your hotel room feel more like a seduction lair is key.

3. Take advantage of unusual surfaces

A fun thing about hotels is that they have a host of fun, sex-able surfaces that are perfect for getting it on. That minibar marble countertop, the rainforest shower, the desk chair; there is no limit of new terrain to explore. (Also, who doesn’t want to bang against a window where someone might see?!)

Another cool tidbit? Hotel rooms are usually primed with flattering AF full length mirrors. Don’t miss a rare chance to press your hands against it and have your partner take you from behind.

Bonus points if you can see yourselves in the mirror from the bed. That adds an entire layer of sauciness you shouldn’t miss out on.

4. Use this opportunity to role play

You’re on vacation in a place you’ve never been before. This is a prime opportunity to role play. Fresh scenes, fresh ideas. Whether you’re the hotel maid or the pissed off manager, this is a sexy game waiting to happen.

“Sir. You haven’t paid your bill.” Cue classic porn scene and sex against that full length mirror.

Before you head for vacation start the foreplay to work up to the scene. Sext your partner like you’re here to change the sheets and need a big “tip.”

We’re sure your partner can get on board for this one.

5. Bring along a new sex toy

Hotels are new and exciting places for new and exciting adventures. Up the game by bringing along a sex toy you’ve been wanting to try. We’re big fans of a couple’s cock ring or a small finger vibrator. It’ll get both you and your partner extra amped up for your holiday.

Don’t forget a travel-sized lube!

Make sure whatever toy you bring has an “airplane mode.” The last thing you want is for your carry-on to start vibrating while dealing with the TSA.

6. Don’t have sex in a hot tub

This is our final, but nonetheless crucial, tip. It’s true a hot tub isn’t in your room, but if there is one on the premises, don’t have sex in it. It might be tempting, but don’t do it. Hot tubs are a breeding ground for bacteria. The amount of boiling skin cells and dirt is just not something you want to mess with.

Even at a luxury hotel, avoid hot tubs. You can end up with a skin infection of worse.

On that lovely note, enjoy your vacation!

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