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UK Drug Smuggler Caught Because Dog Wouldn’t Stop Staring at Her Breasts

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UK Drug Smuggler Caught Because Dog Wouldn't Stop Staring at Her Breasts


SOURCE:  Metro

Imagine being sent to prison because a dog wouldn’t stop staring at your breasts.

For one woman, this nightmare became a reality – although the 13 pills that were concealed in her bra may have had something to do with it.

Chloe Jones, 20, had smuggled a secret gift inside her bra for her boyfriend who she was visiting while he was behind bars.

But as she went through security she was stopped by a sniffer dog who is trained to detect illegal items.

The specially-trained dog stopped and stared at her top, meaning she was challenged by the handler in Swansea prison.

A court heard how Jones reached into her underwear to bringing out a wrap containing a mixture of broken and crushed 13 Subutex pills, which could be used as a heroin substitute.

Proscutor Ian Wright said a sniffer dog handler saw Jones waiting to be allowed in and thought she looked ‘nervous and anxious’.

He set his dog to work – and the animal showed a ‘heightened interest’ her chest area.

Jones claimed they were hers and she had just forgotten to remove them from her underwear before she visited her boyfriend. Jones, from Glynneath, South Wales, pleaded guilty to conveying a specified article into a prison.


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