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Lingerie Brand Launches Pool Float Featuring ‘Cup Holders’ for ‘Endowed’ Women

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Lingerie Brand Launches Pool Float Featuring 'Cup Holders' for 'Endowed' Women

SOURCE: People

SOURCE:  People

What just started as an April Fool’s joke, the Bravissimo lilo — a pool float that features two rounded holes (or “cup holders”) beneath the headrest for a woman to place her breasts inside while laying down — got such a positive reaction from the brand’s followers that they decided to actually launch it this summer for $45.

“Back in spring, we posted an April Fool’s joke on social media to say that we were developing a lilo with room for your boobs so Bravissimo girls would be able to relax on their front in comfort. It had made us giggle in the office, and made the bigger-boobed among us sigh… if only!,” Bravissimo wrote on its website.

“And that’s as far as it would go… or so we thought. “Hundreds of you got in touch to tell us that you really loved the idea and you wished it wasn’t a joke. You even had visions of bringing it to your next massage appointment, or using it as an airbed to get the best night’s sleep ever!”

The brand continued, “As we hope you know, our absolute favorite thing is when we can provide something that big-boobed women want and has never been available before… so as we watched your comments stack up in our inbox, it dawned on us that we really had to give this a go! Although we’re clearly not experts in lilos (!), we couldn’t miss the opportunity to kit you out with it in time for summer… so we dived head-first into developing an inflatable that would be the hol(e)y grail for Bravissimo girls.”

The lilo is available for purchase now at Bravissimo’s website for $45.

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