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‘Upside Down Bikinis’ Are the Sexy New Trend Taking Over Instagram [PICS]

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'Upside Down Bikinis' Are the Sexy New Trend Taking Over Instagram [PICS]

SOURCE: Good Parts Media/HelloGiggles

SOURCE:  HelloGiggles

Now that the heat is here to stay, there’s nothing better than spending long summer days lounging around in your bathing suits. However, if you’re feeling tired of your everyday bikini, but don’t necessarily want to buy a new suit, just turn to Instagram for the latest trend: upside down bikinis.

While it might seem that Instagram mainly delves into beauty and hair trends, like the Butterbeer hair trend for Harry Potterfans or the tie-dye hair trend for all the modern hippies out there, the upside down bikini seems to be the summer trend everyone is jumping on.

At first glance, it’s not a bad idea. We are all about recycling and repurposing the objects we have to create less waste, and this is the perfect way to do it with your swimsuit. It completely reinvents the look of your bikini without having to spend a dime. Obviously, if you want to follow this trend, it will depend on the bikini you own, because some look really great and others are a bit more of a stretch. Either way, we appreciate the creativity.

The trend has caught on in Europe, and it appears to be trickling stateside. There’s even an Instagram account dedicated to sharing and posting pictures of people who are partaking in this bikini reversal. The social media account is appropriately named Upsidedownbikini_official.

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