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8 Ways to Have Better Summer Sex

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8 Ways to Have Better Summer Sex


Sex is good.

Summer, if you’re a sun-lover, is good. But putting the two together can be very, very bad. Hot weather can make you so sticky, sweaty, and irritable that the last thing you want is another human’s body smushed up against yours.

It’s too hot in bed to get raunchy. You try sticking a fan on and end up with an uncomfortable breeze on your bum. It doesn’t make sense to cancel sex the second the weather gets hot though, no matter how superior snuggly sex in the colder months may be. You’re wearing summer outfits, spending the day out in the sun showing off your freckles, and hanging out in beer gardens all afternoon. That’s bound to make you feel up for sex.

So here’s how to give yourself what you’re after – glorious sex that’s hot in the good way, not the ‘oh god I’m so sweaty please don’t touch me I want you as far away as possible’ way.


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