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The Oddest Places Americans Have Snuck A Nappy

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The Oddest Places Americans Have Snuck A Nappy



Source: Lovesac Furniture

A new survey of 2,000 tired Americans revealed the most unusual places people have decided to sack-out. Naps are a big deal. And we know that because the survey, which was conducted by One Poll with the Lovesac Furniture Company, found the three-out-of-four people feel “more productive” after a nap. They also see that it’s “essential” when they’re feeling “sluggish.”

Most think that a “good nap” should be around 20 minutes, but after 70 it becomes “full-fledged sleep” with the bed being the preferred locale, followed by the couch. There are some other places that have served as nappy-land when those two aren’t available, though. Here are some of the odder ones:

An abandoned part of a chemical plant

On the toilet in a grocery store bathroom

In a coal mine

In a drive-thru while waiting for food

The trunk of a car

At a funeral

On a ski lift going up a mountain

Inside an MRI machine

As far as what constitutes the “perfect nap,” here’s what they found. It needs to be:

During the day with a blanket

Longer than 20 minutes in a dark room

In a cooler temperature with one pillow

With a full stomach and a pet nearby

After some exercise with your feet elevated

Happy napping!


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