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Aaron Rodgers Reveals Teammate James Jones Will Be Breaking News of the QB’s New Contract

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Aaron Rodgers Reveals Teammate James Jones Will Be Breaking News of the QB's New Contract

SOURCE: Good Parts Media


If the Packers end up hammering out a contract extension with Aaron Rodgers before the regular season starts, there’s a good chance that the quarterback’s new deal is going to break multiple NFL records for the most money ever given to a player.

When the deal’s finally done, there’s going to be some serious competition to break the news that might not turn out to be much of a competition at all, and that’s because Rodgers has apparently already picked out the one person who will be breaking the news of his contract: former Packers teammate James Jones.

During a recent interview with the NFL Network, Rodgers broke the news that Jones will be breaking the news of the quarterback’s new deal.

“Let me say this, if you want to find out when there’s a contract extension, just follow my guy James Jones,” Rodgers said. “Either on the network, or on his Twitter handle, and that’s when you’re going to find out what’s going on with my contract.”

Although it’s not completely clear how Rodgers will keep anyone else from breaking the news of his deal, he is in a position of power in Green Bay and could likely just tell the team that there will be some serious issues if Jones doesn’t break the story.

I’ll give you a second right now so you can go follow James Jones on Twitter.

If you’re wondering why Rodgers might have picked Jones, it probably has a lot to do with the fact that the two became tight during Jones’ nine-year NFL career. The former Packers receiver was selected by Green Bay in the third round of the 2007 NFL Draft and then spent eight seasons as Rodgers’ teammate.

If Jones does break the Rodgers contract news, it won’t be the first time this offseason that the receiver has reported on breaking news involving a former teammate. Back in March, Jones was the first one to report that Jordy Nelson would be signing with the Raiders.

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