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Women’s Seaside Trip Ruined by Man Repeatedly Banging Genitals on Car Window

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Women's Seaside Trip Ruined by Man Repeatedly Banging Genitals on Car Window



ENGLAND — Prosecutor Rachael Dodsworth said that he approached the women near the town’s clock tower and whacked his genitals against the car door.

One of the women called him a ‘dirty b******’ and threw chips at him and closed her window, telling her mother who was in the passenger seat to do the same.

Miss Dodsworth told the court he ‘continued to wiggle his penis around, then tried to get in the car through the window’ during the incident at midday on June 29.

The mother and daughter, who are not from Redcar, said they used to enjoy visiting the town for fish and chips.

One of the women said: ‘It was obscene and disgusting. I normally go to Redcar with my grandchildren but I was so glad I didn’t bring them this time.’

They shouted at him to go away and tried to move off but were blocked in.

That’s when he dropped his trousers, turned around, bent forward and did a poo in the street next to them.

A witness said: ‘This was an embarrassment for the town of Redcar’.

Henson, 44, had been at a nightclub until 4.30am that morning and continued to drink alone until 8am. He had taken cocaine and then went to a friends house.

Teesside Crown Court heard that he had a difficult childhood and has been an alcoholic since the age of 22.

He was ordered to pay £100 in compensation to the two women and a witness and given an 18-month community order.

A probation worker said: ‘He is disgusted with himself.’

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