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The 15 Best 2018 Fantasy Football Team Names (That We Could Print)

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The 15 Best 2018 Fantasy Football Team Names (That We Could Print)

SOURCE: Good Parts Media


It’s that time again: You’re prepping for your fantasy football draft and for the upcoming season, but you haven’t found that perfect name for your team.

That’s where we come in with this list, which will help you find the name that’s funny enough to get your fellow owners to laugh.

As we’ve done the last two years, here are some solid names (that we could actually print) we found:

1. Garoppolypse Now

Evan Sowards@EvanSowards

BREAKING: I have decided on my 2018 Yahoo fantasy football team name.

Garoppolypse Now

2. Hey Darnold!


Need help with getting my Sam Darnold fantasy football name,

Hey Darnold! is already taken

3. A Song of Fire and Guice

Dan Thury@ThuryBFF

For all you Game of Thrones die-hards.

4. The Guice is Right

There are SO MANY punny Derrius Guice names this year. This one’s probably the best of the lot.

5. Guice Guice Baby

David W Shipe,II@DavidWShipe2

Expecting big things with the fantasy football team name I came up with this year!

Had to do one more.

6. A Kiss from a Rosen

Don’t you just love when rookies come into the NFL with pun-worthy names?

7. Saquontum Leap

8. Easy Drake Oven

9. Baker Mayfields Forever

As a Beatles fan, I had to include this one.

10. Spice Gurley

Kyle Brandt


YES. Tweet whatever you’re into, I’ll give you a fantasy team name.

The Rams and 90s pop? SPICE GURLEY

Wu Tang, Vikings, and Ferraris? SKOL DIRTY FASTER


@KyleBrandt hey Kyle, are you still doing fantasy name generator??

Good Morning Football‘s Kyle Brandt is good at this.

11. Childish Grahambino

12. Lights, Kamar, Action

13. The Nervous Birds

Curt Cramer@CPCramo

In honor of Jim Harbaugh’s new level of crazy, I will be changing my fantasy football team name to “The Nervous Birds”.

Colin Drakeford@41ohhhh

New fantasy team name…
…A Nervous Bird


14. Jason Kelce’s Tailor

15. Foles Beat Brady

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