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Caitlyn wants to be a villain and Chris is falling hard for Katherine

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Caitlyn Jenner tells Variety magazine that she wants to play a villain in a Marvel movie. ”In a Marvel movie, I want to play the baddest-ass lady you’ve ever seen in your life. They got the wicked queen or the wicked lady. Just do the makeup and the outfit. And I got the deep voice.” claims Chris Pratt is falling for Katherine Schwarzenegger. A source tells the website; “Chris loves how Katherine is making so much time for him. She is working around his busy schedule and that’s a huge relief for him. When he was with Anna schedule conflicts were a huge deal and something that caused a lot of arguments. But with Katherine things are easier, so far she’s been very happy to work around his schedule, she makes him feel like he’s the priority and he loves that.

Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin says she and her fiance Garrett do not have a wedding date yet. “We don’t have a time frame at this point. Today is our very first day that we can actually be in public. We just want to take baby steps and continue to grow in our relationship, and build our foundation and get to know one another.”

Radar Online claims Caitlyn Jenner’s alleged girlfriend, Sophia Hutchins, has plans to confront Kris Jenner. A source tells the website; “She loathes Kris with a passion and wants to look her in the eyes, then ask directly why she’s got this intense loathing of the woman she adores. Sophia wants to change the way Cait’s treated. As well as give Kris a piece of her mind!

TMZ claims HGTV outbid Lance Bass for The Brady Bunch home. Lance submitted a bid around $3 million. HGTV outbid him, but won’t say how much they paid for the legendary North Hollywood, California TV home

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