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World’s Biggest Condoms Go on Sale – And They’re the Size of a Tub of Pringles

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World's Biggest Condoms Go on Sale – And They're the Size of a Tub of Pringles


SOURCE:  DailyStar

Around 10% of men are wearing condoms that are too small for them.

Not only can this increase the chances of the contraceptive breaking, it can also cause numbing and pain during sex.

To combat this problem, an online retailer has launched the “World’s Largest Condom”.

TheyFit believe it has created the biggest condom on the market – the G31.

It measures 9.45 inches in length, with a width of 69mm.

This is significantly larger than both Durex and Magnum XL condoms, which are 21% and 27% smaller respectively.

The contraceptives are a godsend for well-endowed guys, as they can comfortably accommodate a penile girth of eight inches.

To put this in context, they can fit an entire tube of Pringles inside them.

While the XXL size isn’t for everyone, it could be extremely helpful to those who are packing a lot in their pants.

TheyFit research estimates that 5-10% of men are using condoms that are too short in size.

This isn’t the only issue, as 10-15% of men have also picked condoms that are too tight.

Failing to get the right fit is concerning as it could cause the condom to split.

This can lead to unwanted pregnancy or the spread of STIs, so it’s always best to get your sizing right.

Those who are wearing tight condoms could be cutting off their circulation, making intercourse trickier.

TheyFit revealed: “Erection-loss may occur and orgasm may be difficult or impossible to achieve.

“In extreme cases a red or purple mark may be left in the flesh.

“Many men who complain they ‘can’t feel anything’ when wearing a condom, are wearing a condom that is too tight for them.

“It’s why using a supposedly thinner latex condom doesn’t fix the issue – the condom is still too narrow, and the tightness remains.”

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