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Chris tried to be a bad boy.. and did Kirstie and Patrick get it on?

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Ryan Reynolds recently Instagramed a picture of himself with Paul McCartney. He jokingly captioned it with; ”Have you ever had a dream to meet someone so badly and somehow it comes true? You’re welcome, Paul.”

The Sun claims Kirstie Alley and Patrick Swayze had an emotional affair while filming their miniseries ”North and South.” In her new tell-all, she told him; “I want to make love with you. I just don’t care anymore, let’s just do it.”  Kirstie says; “This man and I never had sex or did sexual things, but I consider what we did more dangerous and a betrayal to our spouses.”

Chris Hemsworth tells GQ magazine that he once tried to be a ‘bad boy’. ”I remember trying to be Colin Farrell. Thinking, ‘People love the bad boy.’ Going out and being sort of reckless. But no one cared. There wasn’t the presence of paparazzi, nor the presence of social media, nor the immediacy of all these platforms. I wasn’t doing anything bad, just, like, being drunk.”

Raw Story claims Jon Stewart recently rescued a pair of goats from some subway tracks in Brooklyn. The wayward goats were munching on grass when police officers showed up to investigate. Stewart sedated the goats before taking them to an animal sanctuary run by his wife. Jon named the goats Billy and Willy.

The NY Post claims Jennifer Lopez recently wore a $68,000 outfit during a date night with Alex Rodriguez. Her Valentino dress cost $7,300 while her Gucci sandals cost $1,250. J-Lo’s Fendi purse cost $3,890 while her diamond earrings cost $56,000.

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