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Jen has a 5-part plan and are Ben and Lindsey through??

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People magazine claims Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus broke up because they work on opposite coasts. A source tells the magazine; “It was amicable, but unfortunately it didn’t work out, partly because of work and family obligations on different coasts. They truly cared for each other and tried to make it work. Unfortunately now is not the time.”

Heat magazine claims Jennifer Aniston has put together a five-part plan to find happiness before her 50th birthday. It involves having a great body, avoiding artsy men, exploring her creative side, doing more charity work and going on a silent retreat. A source tells the magazine; “Jen isn’t messing around. She’s revisited her life plan and broken down exactly how she’s going to find happiness over the next year. First up, that means getting in the best shape of her life. She’s hired a new trainer… to kick her butt and make her look even more phenomenal.”

Radar Online claims Jennifer Lopez disliked it when Alex Rodriguez’s ex-girlfriend, Madonna, took the stage at the MTV VMAs on Monday. A source tells the website; “J.Lo wasn’t thrilled that A.Rod’s ex-girlfriend, Madonna, was at the show. She sat in silence when Madonna presented. Jennifer had her bodyguard carry her award around all night. Literally, J.Lo’s award had its own security.”

Ace Showbiz claims Denzel Washington has given up drinking. The website quotes him as saying; “Moderation is the key. If you drink too much water you’ll drown. I’m not drinking alcohol. When you’re toasted (drunk) you need a day to recover. You get a hangover. So that’s two days out of your life. I don’t have time to waste. Let’s say there’s 365 days in a year, so in 10 years that’s 3650, so how many days do you want to waste?”.


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