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‘Crazy Naked Guy’ Arrested After Entering Business, Grabbing Junk

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Sacramento, CA — A naked man who was seen running around R Street was detained by police officers and taken to a local hospital Sunday, according to the Sacramento Police Department.

According to police, the man walked into multiple businesses in the area of 12th and R streets, completely nude and grabbing his genitals.

“He was extremely combative, and he became increasingly violent once he was detained,” Sacramento Police Department spokesman Vance Chandler said.

Around 2 p.m. Sunday, police responded to the scene. The man began running away, and when officers eventually caught up and attempted to put him in handcuffs, the man resisted. Additional officers arrived on scene and were eventually able to detain the man. According to Chandler, one police officer sustained a minor injury.

Laura Matranga, who owns the Kicksville Vinyl and Vintage record store on R street, said she witnessed the nude rampage.

“I had gone out front of the building, across from the public market, and I noticed a crazy naked guy in front of Bottle and Barlow,” Matranga said.

According to Matranga, the man was a “strong, young person.” She then watched as he jumped over the bar’s barricade and briefly sat with a customer who was sitting outside, then tried to climb one of the bar’s patio heaters. People on the street and inside businesses looked on, some calling the police, many filming the strange sight on their phones, she said.

“It put me on edge,” Matranga said. “Because of the way he was acting. Yelling, climbing things, running after people. It wasn’t cool.”

The man was eventually transported to a hospital to receive medical treatment.

Matranga speculated that the man was either mentally ill or on drugs.

According to Chandler, after he receives all the necessary treatment, the man will be taken to the Sacramento County jail. The charges he’ll face are still pending and he has not been identified.

Matranga said the whole ordeal was bizarre and frightening.

“It was very out of character for the neighborhood,” she said.

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